While Delta Writers is at its core, a content development, and management company, we have always seen the need for virtual assistance amongst our clients. If you’re a blogger or a freelancer, if you’re an entrepreneur or running a small business, our team of Virtual Assistants can take up the responsibility of your “extras” while you can focus on your core tasks.

With the social media playing a central role in improving your stats and building better sales, we work with you, to provide you with the following VA services:

  1. Content scheduling and blog management
  2. Calendar and scheduling with clients
  3. Answering calls and emails
  4. Email conversations and follow ups
  5. Data entry and database management
  6. Online research for work and for travel
  7. Create Presentations, manage documents, and Spreadsheet entries
  8. Social media conversation management, posting, scheduling

If this sounds like something you need, do drop us a line here!