Are you a Creative Junkie who has a 9-5 job but can still take out time for to get your Creative Juices flowing? Maybe you paint, or you create artwork for home decor or office decor, maybe you sow or bake? You could be just taking kick ass photographs and perhaps are ready to showcase and sell them to the world?

Ensuring a 9-5 job along with a busy family life can make that impossible which is why people created platforms like Etsy. Etsy is probably this one stop global platform thats helping millions to earn money on the side or even full-time by showcasing their talent to the world.

Im here to help you figure out how to open not just an account but an online shop on Etsy and then SELL sitting at home!

Top Six Things You Have to do if You are launching your shop on Etsy:

1. What are you going to Sell?

I hope you know what do you want to sell, but this can be confusing sometimes for first time sellers too. As artists may work on more than one platform and medium. However it would help if you could figure out as a starter what kind of products you are most likely to sell to your clients.

2. What will you call your Shop?

You would have to know what to call your shop/brand. Alot of people use their names because as a starter they have not yet made their mind about what all to sell. However, if youre crafty or you already know the type of products you will be selling as a business owner, then perhaps you could decide on a name.

Since Etsy has millions of sellers online already, it is a probability that you would have to add things like Co, Inc., Corp, Shop, Company, Outlet or any other word along with the name of your choice because somebody may otherwise already have that name.

3. Make a Logo and a Cover Photo for your Shop.

You will need to upload a Logo Design and Cover Photo for your shop to attract attention and look pretty when competing against other brands. I find it easy to work with Canva to draft my designs.

4. Figure out Shipping Details.

When people like your work, they might want to buy it (Which is the reason why you’re making an account on Etsy). You would have to figure out what costs will you be bearing when you are shipping your items within the country you are living or to other international destinations.

Its best to speak to a few shipping companies and services for this to work out. Etsy has Guidelines for its Sellers available and the one on Shipping is here.

5. How to Price your Products.

Its best to review other similar products being sold online on Etsy to get an idea on an average pricing scale for your items. When you’re selling within your country, you might need to include some service taxes or VAT. For some countries when you receive remittances from outside the country you need certain documentation and pay an extra amount for the remittance to be received. All of these costs must be considered when deciding the pricing of your item.

However a simple formula you can use to price your item is:

Material Costs used to make the item+Shipping Costs+Taxes+Etsy Selling Cost+Any Advertising Cost=X

You can also review some excellent supportive articles on Etsy Guidelines Here.

6. Photography, tagging and Description of your Product

Its extremely important that you first review similar items on sale on the website. It will help you prepare your homework for when you showcase your products. For example, What are the common tagging trends for those items, how are people looking for those items, what are the descriptions people using when advertising and showcasing their products on the website etc.

Etsy will also ask you to write a few lines to describe your store, your products and your story. Use it in the best of ways to highlight the struggles in your life and how you decided to pursue your dreams. Customers like to see the story behind the outcome. Read more on branding and marketing yourself, your business and your products here.

Key photography tips can be easily found on the website’s guidelines here. However Etsy lets you put up 05 pictures of your product online so that you can showcase it from different angles depending on the requirement.

For Starters these are the top six items you Need to remember when you start your shop on Etsy. You could also look at doing the following:

  • Creating Social Media Pages on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Linking your Etsy shop to existing Social Media Platforms
  • Launching an easy WordPress site to complement your Etsy Account
  • Work on your SEO and Google Adwords to help push sales Online

Good luck with launching your Business online on Etsy!