Ultimate Checklist to help with awesome blog content writing

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Did you just start your own business?

Are you struggling to develop your online brand and presence?

Is content development always a challenge?

Blogging takes too much time?

At Delta Writers, we work with some of the top writers and editors who develop content daily for our clients. After years of practicing our own tips and developing content, we have come to a major conclusion. We have concluded that people will only stop by to your blog if your content speaks to your audience.

The content has to be meaningful, deep, and your reader should be able to relate to it. Moreover, you should target a specific problem, and be able to provide a solution to your viewer’s problem.

Phew. How to manage all that? Excellent blogging content. Your blog content writing should reflect all these elements and stay true to your niche as well. To manage all that, follow this ultimate checklist and ensure your blog content writing is in tip-top shape for your readers:

  1. Make a content calendar: Your content calendar should always be in top shape. It should have monthly themes, a rough sketch of the topics you want to write on regularly, and a schedule of when you want to write on these topics. (We swear by Trello for our content calendars)
  2. Determine keywords: Determine the right keywords that will go with the topic you want to write on. Try and include high performing, high volume keywords. Also, try to choose long tail keywords as they are generally less competitive.
  3. Create the perfect headline: Use emotional keywords, insert your keyword, and identify the problem being solved in the blog post headline. You can use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer for the perfect headline.
  4. Preschedule time to write your posts: You need ample time to write and edit your posts. Make sure your posts are written well before time. This will help you to schedule them for publishing and making sure you’re able to market these posts on social media.
  5. Create kickass graphics: Blog posts need kickass graphics that reflect what you have written. You will also need specific graphics for social media. Make sure that your graphics have relevant sizes related to each social media post that you intend to create for your blog post.
  6. Be clear, precise and relevant in your writing: The post must cover the niche of your website, should cover the topic you want to write about, and should target the problem area that you are aiming to solve.It should also be concise, clear and free of any errors. We swear by Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, and Grammarly for the Browser and Windows)
  7. Be mindful of your audience and their needs: All the above you did was targetted towards getting traction, aimed at getting your blog known, and capturing the audience who would read your blog. However, at this step, your message and writing should be molded to cater to the audience who does come to your blog. Write clearly, target their problems, give them solutions, and aim for the niche you have. Be aware of what your reader wants to know and write only about that. Mold your introduction, your conclusion and your content to target your audience.
  8. Provide helpful links and content upgrades: Good job on finishing off that blog post! However, today’s audience is used to getting more bang for the buck. Link back to older posts that make sense with your current one, provide some no-follow links to other posts or articles that relate to your post, and work on some great content upgrades.
  9. Schedule the post and social media messages: Next up, schedule the post to go live. Also, schedule relevant social media messages that promote your blog post. We feel CoSchedule is one of the best options out there to help you schedule your messages.

Make sure your content is perfect based on the above checklist and then let it go to the world!