Delta Writers for Small Businesses
If you're running a small business, you already know the amount of pressure and stress it adds to your routine. Everything seems overwhelming at times, work is always pressing, but there are so many t...
Services For Freelancers
Freelancers are different than bloggers or startups. Their work, their routine, their thought process, all differ from how a corporate employee or an entrepreneur functions. That is perhaps why they f...
Are You A Blogger?
Bloggers are a different breed, one that our parents or grandparents would perhaps not even understand. They have their own work problems and stresses, and their own unique challenges. Such challenges...
Corporate Documentation
Corporate documentation requires a certain level of expertise and experience. Bid Documents, Proposals, Annual Reports, Technical Documents, Manuals, all require time, expertise, and in some cases a d...
About Us

About Us

Delta Writers is an avenue started out of love and care. We at Mushawar Consulting, started Delta Writers because we realize the need for engaging content, great social media presence, assistance needed for operational tasks and functions, and productivity management. When we (we being NoorJehan and Maheen, we're best buds and business partners), started our own company, we were overwhelmed. We had to handle everything from social media to busine...

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Services We Offer

Delta Writers is a portfolio of services that will help you in your venture if you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, a mommypreneur, a solopreneur, freelancer, or even a small corporate.

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While blogging and social media management have taken the front seat, a lot of organizations have th...

Social Media Management

If you’re already on this page, then it looks like you need some help! We at Delta Writers hel...

Custom Content

Every day, the Internet is dumped with more content, by all sorts of writers, and is read by all sor...


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Ultimate Checklist To Developing Awesome Blog Content
05 Apr

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, we will receive some benefit or compensation or both. Do note that we only recommend products and services that we have personally used and/or trust the...

Etsy for Dummies – Six Tips for Successful Selling
14 Mar

Are you a Creative Junkie who has a 9-5 job but can still take out time for to get your Creative Juices flowing? Maybe you paint, or you create artwork for home decor or office decor, maybe you sow or bake? You could be just taking kick ass...

The Ultimate Checklist to Launch Your Own Virtual Assistant Business
08 Mar

Have you been wondering how to kick your 9 to 5 and be your own boss? Love the nomad life but don’t know how to move forward and run your own business? Planning to become a virtual assistant, but don’t know what to do? Look no f...

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